Some basic core exercises for maximum fitness in a short time

Reverse Crunch - Spine-twisting Crunch - Side Crunch - Swiss-ball Crunch - Swiss-ball Crunch with a weight

REVERSE CRUNCH This move is basically a full-body crunch performed in reverse but you should start and end lying flat on your front. Your arms should be extended up in the air and your shoulders should be rounded for balance. Breathe in and crunch hard in your downward arch and then immediately lower your head back on to the floor. You can do this move any number of times as well.

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SPINE-TWISTING CRUNCH This is similar to the spine crunches explained earlier but the twist is at the top. Start and finish this move on your stomach, extending your head and arms straight up in the air. On an exhalation, bend forward at the waist, crunch hard in your downward arches, then lift your head and arms back up.


SIDE CRUNCH Place your elbows on the floor to your sides, shoulder width apart, and press into them for support. Bend your knees and roll over to the right, keeping the arms extended. Crunch and roll back. You should complete eight rotations on one side and then repeat the exercise on the other side. You will want to do this exercise before the main body movements of the following workout.


SWISS-BALL CRUNCH This is exactly what it sounds like: place a Swiss ball in a bent position in front of you, with one hand on top of it and your other hand on your back, your hands should be shoulder width apart. Crunch the ball up and backward, your back should arch, and then lower again.


SWISS-BALL CRUNCH WITH A WEIGHT For this variation, you should hold a barbell in front of you with both hands. Crunch the barbell up and backward and lower it. If this is too difficult, you can do two sets of four repetitions. I am assuming you will be doing all the above moves on a mat or a mat. You can just as easily implement these on a Swiss ball which will work the same muscles, but will not require the same amount of exertion. The following six exercises target each region of your glutes, hamstrings, abdominal muscles and lower back. I hope you see how the combination of exercises outlined help strengthen the entire lower body.