As you go through a jump roper life

... you are going to make the same mistakes, face the same obstacles, and experience the same feelings over and over again.

It's how you handle the same things day in and day out that will keep you from burning out, losing yourself, or having to give up. That's what you will be judged on. Every mistake you make isn't how you can lose your identity. It's how you handle it that can kill you.

jump roper

One way to prevent you from burning out and having to give up is to be proactive. If you want a career that you can do with your hands, do something that needs doing. Work on something until you are doing it and then take it to the next level. Don't wait until after a break to start doing something new. Make sure you are going at it every day, or once a week or so to be able to feel like you are working hard and making a difference.

💡 🤴 💪

I was always there for my family and my friends, and I still am. I don't like to be asked questions that question my value, but you need to know what you are bringing to the table. If everyone wants to put you out, then they are putting their own value on you as well. If you are bringing in an income, then that means you are bringing something to the table. I never had a single job before I started jump ropes, and now I sell three in four days, which is crazy. But I am not worried about that. The one thing that keeps me hopping are my jump ropes.